Obsidian & Todoist Plugin

An Obsidian plugin which allows you to materialize Todoist task queries into your notes.

Todoist is task and project management software that I use extensively. Obsidian is knowledge management software which I also use to plan and track work. Rather than context switching between the two applications, I decided to write an integration between them! The plugin consumes the Todoist REST API to fetch the underlying task data and uses the Obsidian plugin API and Svelte to render the tasks.

For example, the following query:

2  "name": "",
3  "filter": "#Obsidian x Todoist",
4  "sorting": ["date", "priority"],
5  "group": true

Is rendered as:

The example rendered query

The example rendered query

This was my first SvelteJS project and I’ve enjoyed the brevity and simplicity of the framework. I can heartily recommend Svelte for rendering data from a remote source and offering a small amount of user interactivity. It also offers a simple API for embedding components within arbitrary DOM and animations out of the box!